Monthly Updates

L & P: 9 months…

IMG_72559 months…Where has the time gone?! Is it just me or does 9 months sound toddler-ish?

These two are getting so big and full of life…their smiles are stealing my heart every day.  So much has happened over the last month and the girls are both reaching milestones like crazy.  We also got the go ahead to start trying ‘normal’ baby things… eating solids (up until now we’ve had to stick with pureed fruits and veggies only), drinking from a sippy cup, puffs and teething cookies.  I’m torn somewhere between my heart breaking as they are getting bigger and yet being so proud of how far they have come from their tiny 3lb. preemie selves.


I mean seriously, can you handle this?!

Let’s talk updates:

Stats: 14# 6oz, 25 7/8in, 2 teeth!

  • This girl has such a wise little soul…
  • Saves her smiles for people she knows and trusts
  • LOVES her Bear that she is now sleeping with
  • Such a good ‘player’ and exploring toys
  • Rolling ALL over the place – hello, baby gates
  • Independently sitting up for extended periods of time
  • Favorite activity: door jumper!
  • Into pulling sis’s hair
  • Playing with yelling noises
  • Getting excited with certain toys
  • Toes – this is still a major fascination…along with pulling off socks – hers, sis’s, loves the socks!
  • Interactions with EVERYTHING – toys, phones, drinks, spoons… if she doesn’t have it, she wants it!
  • Bath time…. we’re officially in the big kid bath and love to splash around.  We’ve started using the Bumbo in the tub, which has been huge!!
  • Sleeping through the night – 8-6:30/7!
  • Snuggles….oh my momma loves the snuggles!

Stats: 14# 1oz, 26in, 2 teeth!

  • Chatty, chatty, chatty!! This girls can talk and makes sure everyone can hear!
  • Squeals – although this is one of my favorites and one that Zach and I get a chuckle out of at least a couple of times daily, I said the other day that that cute little squeal is going to test me some day in the middle of the grocery store! 🙂
  • Loves her stuffed animals, and real animals..anything with a face!
  • Starting to have separation anxiety… as soon as you set her down and turn away, the crying starts…and then turn around and smile and she’s happy again!
  • Sitting up for a couple of minutes now unassisted! Still needs pillows or a bop behind
  • Killing the cheerios and getting solids into her mouth!
  • Sleep has been hit or miss lately…we’ve been digging a 1:30 wakeup call that we’re trying to work through!
  • Her daddy’s whisker kisses!
  • Being thrown in the air
  • Toes – best toys around!!
  • Dancing to music with mommy



Our schedule these days is pretty consistent which has worked AMAZING for us.  The girls know what to expect, there are little to no tears at nap times or bed time, and momma has some consistency…win, win, win! Our typical day looks like this:

6:30-7 someone wakes up (typically Piper first) and breastfeeds
7:00 other one wakes up/gets woken up and nurses while the other lays on Daddy’s side of the bed
7:15 move out to the family room to play/diapers/gets dressed
7:30-9 play time
9:00 breakfast (oatmeal+fruit, cheerios for fine motor practice!)
9:30-11:00/11:30 nap
11:30 breastfeed
12-1 play time!
1:00 Lunch – veggies + protein/whole grains
1:20-1:45 play time
1:45 Bottles of water/pear juice/miralax (still fighting the constipation)
2:00-3:30/4 nap
4:00 breastfeed
6:00 Dinner – Veggie/Fruit (plus a little taste of something we are eating if it’s allowed! – beans, whole grain pastas, etc)
7:00 PJ’s
7:30 Breastfeed, brush teeth and read a book
8:00 Bed time


IMG_7116I have two Daddy’s girls and they certainly have his whole heart.  I’m so proud of him…so proud to call him my husband and certainly blessed to see the man he has become being a daddy to our sweet girls.




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