Friday Favs

Friday Favs

Happy Fri-YAY! It’s a great day in our house when Zach is off work and gets to spend a day with his girls!

I absolutely LOVE my days at home with the girls but with both of them sick back to back +  Zach having late nights with conferences, this momma is ready for a partner in crime! We have a pretty uneventful weekend ahead, which is a good thing for these babes trying to get better.

Let’s wrap up this week on a round up of things I’ve been loving lately!


 Morning Snuggles:  One of my most absolute favorite times of the day is in the morning with the girls, snuggled in our bed after they nurse.  I typically get one of them around 6:45, nurse and snuggle until the other one gets up about 7-710.  After they eat at this feeding, they are all about the momma snuggles and I can’t get enough.  I can never get a good pic because of the lighting, but I’m okay just living in the moment.  I know these days will be gone before I know it and I never want to forget these most precious moments…I love them something fierce.

  Golden Hill Designs:  I first learned about these gems from Amber at PB+J Babes who raved about these being the best onesies… and for good reason! I hesitantly ordered the girls the Ivory Long Sleeved onesie and fell in LOVE after just opening the package! These are seriously the softest, stretchiest and most perfect hand-made onesies you will ever put on your child.  I have such a hard time finding clothes that actually fit the girls and their itty bitty bodies and was thrilled when I put these on them that they actually fit!! They have the most perfect amount of stretch, are lightweight, breathable, and are perfect for layering…and oh. my. gosh. the ruching on the sleeves is adorable.  These gals at GHD know how to make some clothes!! I seriously can’t wait to buy their tanks for summer!  They had a killer sale the other day and I ordered a ‘Mommy and Me’ set… eeeek pics to come!! 🙂


Panera Hazelnut Coffee: I never liked hazlenut, so what made me pick up a bag to brew at home, I’m not sure….but man oh man this has been my go to! I’m hard pressed to find something more enjoyable than the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and this is like icing on the cake.  I honestly think it tastes better at home than in stores! YUMMM!

  Burt’s Bees Stripe Hooded Tunic: Zach and I recently had a day date sans baby girls and decided to cancel our movie plans (sick babes=sleep deprived mommy and daddy=a very expensive nap time at the movies) and stick to running errands (ooooh how life has changed!).  We don’t have a BuyBuyBaby up in Dayton, so when we get time down in Mason, it’s a must-stop for baby items.  As we were walking to get in line, I may or may not have gotten distracted by baby girl clothes (who’s with me??) and spotted these beauts.  I mean, come on…I ended up putting 4 items back to justify getting them… they are so so soft, the most perfect look of casual and cute and they’re perfect with the GHD onesies underneath for winter!

sale_|distressed_brown_|original___bow_moc|Baby Mocs and Bows: I stumbled across these adorable moccs from Sutter Sister’s and they are now my new go-to’s for every single outfit…And bonus, what can be better than coordinating bows with these adorable moccs? Snagged them on a sale and they’re the perfect addition to our outfits these days!

  PIZZA: I’ll save the details for a later post…However, when we found out the babes had a milk allergy at 8 weeks old, my diet drastically changed in a matter of seconds.  Long story short, I haven’t had dairy or soy in 8 months…I never thought I’d make it, but we just introduced soy and then dairy back into their diets and we seem to be in the clear so tonight we celebrated with a double CHEESE pizza and wine!!!  OH. MY. GOSH. Excuse me while I continue to stuff my face!

rennie-diary-1024.jpgFuller House: Much to my surprise, when I asked Zach what he wanted to do tonight, he excitedly threw out “Fuller House?!” As I wrap up this post, I’m sipping my wine and hitting play on the second episode… I was a little nervous that this would absolutely ruin one of my most precious memories of childhood, however it has happily exceeded my expectations!

And on that note, cheers, friends! Have a wonderful weekend!



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