Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

Happy Leap Day, ya’ll!

We kicked off the weekend with a much needed date night in! After 7.5 months (who’s counting?!) of being dairy and soy free for the girls, we finally have successfully reintroduced soy and then dairy to them…so then it was momma’s turn!! So when Zach suggested ordering a pizza and watching Fuller House, I jumped all over it!! We ordered a DOUBLE cheese pizza, poured a glass of cab and tuned in to watch our new pastime love!


Saturday we had a pretty lazy start to the day getting random stuff done around the house.  Ran some errands and spent a lot of time playing on the floor with a LOT of giggles! Lila has started up again with her belly laugh and Piper with her little squeals that fill this house with so much love.  After running errands, Zach proposed stopping for a philly cheesesteak (another food on my mile-long list of foods to be eaten when dairy came back in!) and boy did I enjoy every. single. bite.

Sunday, we finally had some sunny, warm(er) weather and took full advantage!! I have been desperately needing some sunshine and fresh air after being stuck in the house and passing around this junk between us ladies… so we bundled up the babes, opened the (new) windows, and spent some time soaking in some vitamin-D! Piper got a kick out of having the gusts breeze on her face while Lila quietly took it all in.  Grandpa came and spent some time with us outside and helped us with our outside ventures… this grandpa has been dreaming of these little girls since I got pregnant…he helped with the nursery while I was on bed rest and watching him now with them just fills my heart with so much joy.

One of the things Zach and I have been dying to do is rip these ugly bushes out of in front of our house.  It’s impossible for someone to walk down our sidewalk without getting attacked by a bush, so..out they came! I also got some solid work done in the garden…huge plus since they were completely neglected last year while I was on bedrest and we were in the hospital!

Sunday night, Zach got a look (that can only be replicated by a kid in a candy shop) on his face and asked if we could take the girls on their first golf cart ride since he just finished fixing it up.  The look he gave me when I said ‘yes’…

I don’t think a daddy could have been more proud!

Oh the life of two little girls in the country…

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend….Here’s to a wonderful start to your week!






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