Friday Favs

Friday Favs #2

Happy Friday! My days at home go by so quickly… I look back and wonder where in the world the week went! It’s been a busy one and we have a busy and very FUN weekend ahead!!

Let’s get going with our 2nd Friday Favs because this nap time is going to go by quickly!!

  Silly baby smiles for sis… goodness the smiles these two give each other… one word: sisterfriends.

  River & Grace Co.  – So, I have a new obsession with clothes that match/coordinate with the girls… They almost are always coordinating, but I have recently found some different small shops that have coordinating mommy clothes and  I may or may not need to get a side job to support my new addiction.  Stacey over at River & Grace Co. and her sister who does the screen printing are killin some pretty cute stuff!! I really wish I could afford most everything in her shop!! This beauty came in the mail yesterday and I just couldn’t wait to wear this T today… SO soft, comfy, and screams loud and clear my most fav job in the entire world…Mama.

12705623_10207634539214947_8561260627338278950_nAunt Lovin:  This week has been packed with family, and more specifically, my aunts!! I am so blessed to have so many family members in our lives who love and adore me, Zach, and our sweet baby girls.  Tuesday, Zach’s very sweet Aunt ‘Ebby’ came and brought us her famous and DELISH Chicken, Apple, Grape, Parmesan salad; Thursday, my wonderful Aunt Laurie came and was A HUGE help playing with the girls and keeping them entertained while I cleaned up around the house and went to the doc; then this morning, my OTHER Aunt Sue came and spent the morning playing with us!  Sue had only seen the girls when they were about 4 months old and was SO happy to see them rolling around and acting like ‘real’ babies! My heart is so full knowing that our girls are loved by so many people and will be so close to their family.  We truly are so blessed on both sides of our families to have such wonderful support!

299799_566929029018_7290325_n.jpgGirlfriends – I had the chance to go see my best friend (and roommate!) from college and her little boy this week.  Her maternity leave is almost up 😦 but the good news is she only has a few weeks before she’s off for summer and then she’ll be a SAHM which equals LOTS of playdates for our babes! I can’t explain how good it is for my soul to spend time with her, catch up, and just talk. and talk. and talk. and talk.  Life is so busy, but is it just me or is it amazing to hear you’re not the only crazy or not-so-perfect momma?


Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Liner: I ran out of my last sample liner and made a quick stop in to Sephora to grab my go-to liner… I LOVE everything about this gem.  It glides on, stays put, and sharpens each time you close it making for an easy application the next time you apply!!

phdPhD Dry Shampoo:  I used to say that I could NEVER go a day without washing my hair without looking like a grease ball…until I had babies. Now, ain’t nobody got time for that. When you have 10 minutes to throw yourself together before a baby is going to get up HUNGRY, you better figure out something and boy oh boy have I found my answer.  Dry shampoo has literally saved me SO much time… I have very oily hair and a quick spritz is all I need to freshen up my mop hair. Lately this PhD has been my go to and has lasted me for quite some time!

Annnd we’re off to the races… I hear a little squeaky one talking to her pup-pup! Have a fantastic weekend!!



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