Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

Good morning and Happy Monday! This morning started out with some VERY hungry ladies…so we had breakfast before we could really even play! The girls are cracking me up with their eating adventures these days!


 On this morning’s menu: Multigrain Cheerios, bananas and yogurt with mashed bananas, and of course their water that they are quickly getting good at drinking! I had a multigrain english muffin with PB and banana and (my new obsession:) coffee yogurt with a few chocolate chips sprinkled in! I’m saving my coffee for a Starbucks run on our way to a doc apt!

So, this weekend went by so fast but it was surrounded with so many family and friends…such a fun time!


 Friday we spent the evening having pizza and drinks with our very best friends and newlyweds, Janice and Clint! These two. Clint is Zach’s best friend and Janice (since diapers) is mine and we 100% take full credit to the wedding bells that rang this past fall.  They actually both moved in with us shortly after Zach and I got married in 2012 and since our wedding, Zach and I had alternative motives 🙂 Luckily for Zach and I, it worked out perfectly!! SO now, Zach and I get to spend time with BOTH of our best friends! They adore the girls and it’s so fun to watch them play and get all their lovin! So the adult root beer has been getting big these days, which I love… but have you heard of the Orange Soda kind?! Holy moly, delicious!!


Saturday we had a wonderful morning at home playing our little hearts out and eating pancakes!! Since we’ve introduced dairy, I’ve had a thing for pancakes on the weekend… the girls aren’t too disappointed either!

12800371_967817163272829_9103457714342861726_nThe girls and I then went to have an authentic Italian lunch with my co-workers from Trumpet where I worked before becoming full-time momma! I love these women so much…they’re so amazing at their job, changing lives on the daily, and I LOVE that they still include me in all of this fun stuff!



Then we made our way over to my oh-so-sweet newphew’s 1st Birthday Party!! How can this little boy be 1 already?!?! Goodness, Graham has such a special place in my heart.  I got to send the first 8 weeks of his little life with Christine and him while she was on maternity leave and I was on bedrest.  He is the sweetest, kind and gentle-hearted little boy you will ever meet.  We had a blast celebrating his first year of life with family and friends near and far… Christine and Mark sure make some handsome little boys!! It amazes me how not a short time ago there were only a handful of babies and this year, holy moly baby explosion!! SO much fun to see!!


 Sunday was a prettylow key day of errands and the girls for the most part hung at home… a much needed restful day for them! Of course, we snuck a short walk in to get some fresh air with the babes 🙂

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and will have a blessed start to your week! We have some warm weather coming up this week… hallelujah!!



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