Here Comes Peter Cottontail..

Can you believe Easter is 2.5 weeks away?! Holy moly it’s sneaking up so fast…luckily I’ve gotten a head start on playing Easter Bunny this year for both the girls and Zach.  While the girls certainly aren’t old enough to be indulging in their sweet tooth, there are lots of goodies out there to fill their little Easter baskets!

Here are a couple of my finds that will be filling their Easter basket’s this year!

Easter Baster 2016

  1.  Jesus Saves, Bro: I picked up these raglans from Imperishable Clothing and love their mission for people to start talking about Jesus! What a perfect addition with the reason for the season! Pics to come when the babes get to wear these!
  2. Hohner 4 Piece Babe Band: The girls have gotten really good and making music with banging things together. I’m really excited to see how proud they are of themselves with these musical instruments!
  3. Easter Basket: I actually picked up the girls’ coordinating Easter Baskets in the dollar bin section at Target for $3, but couldn’t find them online… These are cute alternatives! I like having a fabric basket and have grand plans to put their names on them!
  4. Bows: I found these bows over at Emeroo and think these colors are perfect for Easter and spring!
  5. Teethers: We have a bunch of teethers but I honestly don’t think you can have too many… perfect for tiny hands and sprouting teeth!
  6. Llama Llama Easter Egg: It makes my heart smile to see the girls starting to get into books and I LOVE Llama Llama books! A perfect addition to their growing library!

I’m still on the hunt to find the perfect Easter dress for us three ladies, however I think we’re ready! We’ll be hosting this year and I have to say this is one of my favorite holidays!

What’s your favorite item you’re stuffing in an Easter basket this year?



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