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L & P: 10 months

10 months. 10 m.o.n.t.h.s. Should I say it one more time and maybe it will sink in?! I have two 10 month old babies… which means in two months I will have two 1 year old babies toddlers. 

Okay, I’ll get a tissue and mop up my puddle. I say it all the time: I find myself constantly stuck in a whirlwind of wanting my teeny tiny babes to stay little…and then being SO proud of them, literally jumping up and down and screaming when they hit milestones.  I’ve had longer than most with the itty bitty baby stage and I try my best to stay present in the moment and enjoy every single stage. every single day.


This month. Wow. So much has changed..these girls continue to amaze me every single day. They’re getting bigger, more independent, stronger.


What we’re eating:
The girls eat just about anything these days… really anything we are eating we try to give them small bits of as long as it is fairly healthy.  They LOVE some good ol’ pizza though!! A sample menu for us these days:

7:00 – Nurse
9:00 – Breakfast: oatmeal, fruit and yogurt
11:30 – Nurse
1:00 – Lunch: Veggie and maybe something else – little PB&J, mandarins
4:00 – Nurse
6:00 – Dinner: Noodles, broccoli, tomatoes, and applesauce
7:30 – Nurse


This has been fairly consistent over the last month… Lila is a sleeping champ and when she goes down, she’s down.  She sleeps so hard, naps well, and sleeps 8-7.  Piper is sensitive in this area… MOST days she naps pretty well and sleeps through the night, however she has probably one night a week that she wants to snuggle from about 12-3 through the night.  Her naps have been fairly inconsistent and is recently only sleeping about 2 hours total… which is a huge change from her solid 2 2-hour naps per day.  I blame it on the amount of appointments and errands we’ve been running lately.  Speaks mountains to how badly this girl needs her schedule!



Lila Marie:

Stats: Unofficially 15# 8oz and 2 teeth

  • Your smile… oh my heavens.  Your smile literally melts my heart.  There’s not much I think you won’t get away with when you flash me your sweet little grin.
  • You have a belly laugh that brings everyone around you to giggle.  You used to save it only for a handful of people and as you get more confident, you’re starting to share it with anyone who takes the time to get to know you.
  • You’re getting so strong, my sweet girl.  You have started bearing weight on your little legs while holding on to mommy or daddy and even bouncing a little! You’ve also gotten strong enough to get up on your hands and knees and rock a little!
  • Speaking of bouncing – two words. door jumper. You crack me up how excited you get when you see that you will get to jump, jumping in mommy’s arms until I put you in!
  • You’re rolling ALLL over the place… you want it – you get it.
  • You’re my eater.  Anything you see, it’s going in your mouth – food, carpet, wood, walls, tile floor, sissy’s limbs.
  • You’re so smart.  You’ve always been my good ‘player’ and you’re intense when you play! You can happily play for a good amount of time by yourself, exploring different toys.  You’ve figured out cause and effect toys and love toys that make noises!
  • Your favorite toy right now is the purple octopus toy that you can pull the lever and make the balls go down
  • You’re so much like your aunty, it makes me grin from ear to ear seeing your persistence and stubbornness. If it’s not your way, you make sure everyone can hear about it. I can’t wait to experience this in line at the grocery store.
  • You love to yell.  You don’t have any of the sounds yet, but you certainly can make your presence known.
  • You pull your hair when you eat… I’m not sure what this is, but I love that your hair is starting to come and it is ohhh so curly after bath time 🙂
  • You LOVE bath time with daddy and like to splash and try to eat the water!
  • You’re our water girl and mommy and daddy can’t be more excited to get you in the lake, ocean, and pool this summer! You LOVE swimming lessons with mommy and will be quite the fishy!

Your heart, sweet girl.  Oh my.  The snuggles. Your gentleness. You are just a precious little babe… nursing is my most favorite time with you.  You let this beautiful little soul shine.  I couldn’t be more proud of you…there was a time when I was so scared we would lose you and you have made mommy and daddy and all of your family so proud.  YOU, my little Lila Bean, are something special.  I can’t see what you accomplish in the next month!!

Piper Lynn:

Unofficial Stats: 15# 2oz and 2 teeth

  • YOU ARE CRAWLING!!!! You certainly have thrown us all for a loop on this one, Ducky.  I’ll tell you what, you are a small and mighty force that should not be reckoned with.  We thought for sure that this would be a couple of months away and then you just did it.  Wow.  You see something you want and make us giggle.. getting up on all fours and then lunging forward, tush up in the air and army crawling. It’s hilarious and we truly couldn’t be more proud of you!
  • Squeaks. Haha, oh you will never know how much we love this about you… you are so squeaky, sending everyone into a panic until we look at you, make eye contact, and you smile.
  • You’re my sensitive little one and you wear your heart on your sleeve.  You get your feelings hurt so easily and always want to be around someone.  You are perfectly content being held and talked to and don’t ever want to be left alone.
  • You are getting so much stronger.  You take your time and are very cautious, but you are exploring toys, however don’t like toys that make loud noises because they startle you. You still love animals and anything that has a face!
  • You’re my talker!! You have so many sounds – ba, da, ma, strawberries, blowing bubbles, ah, oo, ta, pa… but you have certainly started to get more and more shy and save your chattiness for people you know and trust.
  • You have gotten more reserved in what you like to eat but everything is going in your mouth these days! You will only eat something if you choose to put it in your mouth and gag when someone else tries to put food in your mouth.  You LOVE fruit and pancakes and HATE cottage cheese!
  • You are your momma through and through…. no question about it and your Grammie and daddy say it on a daily basis.
  • You have just enough sass to crack mommy and daddy up and still get your point across.
  • You’re starting to tolerate swimming lessons with Daddy but still need a lot of reassuring that you are safe.  Mommy and daddy think you’re going to stay on the beach and in the boat with momma while daddy and sis swim! 🙂
  • You don’t quite have a belly laugh and I’m okay with listening to your goofy squeaks and seeing your hilarious little grin.

Oh my sweet, little Ducky.  You’re going to change this world and we knew it since you were fighting in NICU.  I can’t wait to see God’s plans for you unfold and watch you follow your little heart.  You have started to show your independence and while it breaks my heart, I truly couldn’t be more proud to be your momma and watch you kill the odds. You continue to amaze your daddy and I… You’ll always be my little Ducky, sweet girl… I love you!!

10 Month Photo Dump:



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Oh my sweet, precious little girls… I love you, so.  Happy 10 months :*




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