Easter · Weekend Roundup

Blessed {Easter}

Holy moly, Monday!

I drug myself out of bed this morning with a heart full of gratitude and humbleness as  I poured myself a cup of iced coffee, filled my water bottle, and grabbed the girls to bring them back to bed to nurse.

I sat totally overwhelmed and in such awe at what God has blessed us with and how radically different each year has been for the last couple of years. Easter weekend holds so many different seasons of life for Zach and I… and The Resurrection is brought forth through it all..

this was a season of total bliss as we were telling our family we were pregnant… and then two weeks later we were absolutely devastated when we miscarried.

we had just found out that Zach’s surgery had removed the cancer and he wouldn’t have to face chemo or radiation, hallelujah!

I was on bedrest and feeling our sweet babies kick and move, yet terrified of what the future could hold for us with our diagnosis.

goodness, 2016. We have two beautifully healthy and happy little girls who have stolen our hearts and the hearts of our family and friends.


See the sun now bursting through the clouds
lack and white turn to color all around
All is new, in the Savior I am found
This is living now


We had such an amazing weekend filled with lots of playing, snuggles, family and friends.  Church on Sunday was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G  and I’m still singin my little heart out to the Lord! We hosted to celebrate Christ’s love for us and our house bursted with giggles, food and love.  30 people and we loved every second.  Food, Easter baskets, food, egg hunts, Can Jam, food, stories, laughter, food, coloring, napping, food….By Sunday evening, our bellies and hearts were full.




From the head to the heart
You take me on a journey
of letting go and getting lost in You
You give me faith like a child
In You my heart runs wild
‘Cuz there’s no shame in looking like a fool
when I give you what I can’t keep and take a hold of You.  


I hope your Easter was just as wonderful and blessed as ours, friends!



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