Weekend Roundup

Weekend Round-up

Good morning and happy Monday! Is it just me or are you dying for this spring weather to come back?! My tulips all took a hurtin this weekend with the frost and SNOW!! It is April and this girl isn’t to patient with wanting warmer weather…

Zach had started his spring break on Friday and my mom had the girls so I got some grocery shopping and errands done solo – woo woo! Always way more productive when I don’t have two little ones I’m trying to unload and load into carts, carseats, ergos, etc. I always take full advantage and try to cram as much as humanly possible in when I have a couple of hours by myself! Plus, my mom LOVES her time with the girls and spending that one on two time with them 🙂

Friday night we went over to a friends house for pizza, wine and a playdate! Our friendship started out as workout buddies and it’s been fun going through our weddings, new houses, and now babies together! Their little girl is 3 months older than L&P and it’s been fun watching them grow up.  I see many play dates at the park in our future as the girls are starting to be able to play together!

Saturday Zach and I took the girls down to Grandma and Grandpa’s to babysit while we had a day date!! My dad and stepmom had gotten us an all inclusive date (including babysitting!) for Christmas so we got to cash that in and  I can confidently say we ALL had so much fun!


Date Recap:

We started out by going to McAlister’s Deli for a late lunch.. this has always been a favorite and I’m so excited we finally have one in the Dayton area!! Their sweet tea is to. die. for. Holy guacamole. Yummmo.

We had some time to kill before our movie so we hopped over to have a quick drink at The Fox and Hound and then headed to the movie!

We haven’t seen a good action movie in awhile so I suggested Batman vs. Superman… I’m not super big into action hero movies but I have to say I was pretty impressed! I was a little confused throughout parts of it.. probably because I don’t know all of the ins and outs of Superman, but it all came together and really was a good move! No spoilers here though! 🙂

Pad Thai Goong
Zach’s curry

After the movie, we headed to Banana Leaf Modern Thai… h e a v e n s. I’ve only had Thai food one other time and after this visit, I will definitely be going back.  The food was absolutely delicious.  Zach got a pretty light and springy curry and I got the Pad Thai Goong… I’m seriously salivating as I type this.  After dinner we headed back to pack up  the girls and head home to get them in bed… safe to say we were all pooped and slept well 🙂

Grandma and Lila

Sunday was supposed to be a girls day with my mom and Christine but unfortunately Christine’s boys both got really sick on Saturday and into Sunday so she was very needed by her two sweet boys.  Two sick babies is absolutely the worst…poor babes.  Poor mommy and daddy.

The goal for Sunday was to use a whole bunch of gift cards Christine had hoarded saved over the last couple of years… so mom and I went out and were her own personal stylists! 🙂 We are absolutely nothing alike – I can’t keep a gift card to save my life and she saves them literally for years.  Mom and I had so much fun picking out beautiful clothes and spoiling her with things she probably wouldn’t ever pick out for herself! We FaceTimed in the dressing room and got a kick out of our makeshift girls day… the three of us are dangerous.

Mom and I wrapped up and headed to the outlets, got some random stuff for the girls and I headed home to my sweet fam for dinner! I walked in and Zach had both girls in their high chairs eating and was putting our dinner on the plates… Seriously – am I blessed or what? An evening of play time and snuggles… then I killed 4 episodes of Parenthood before crashing for the night!

Weekend photo dump:

mastering the pulling up!
new toys


New lipstick?!?
Grandma and Piper
That scrunchy nose….


We have a super busy week ahead of us trying to make the most out of our time while Zach is on break… our main goal is to get the kitchen and living room painted!

I hope you have a fantastic week!!

What was the best thing about your weekend?! 



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