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Work It Out 

Good morning!

I crawled out of bed this morning to get Piper, feet hit the floor and I grabbed my tush… Phew, it’s been awhile since that soreness has been there. (if you want to skip the background to this point…scroll down for the workout!)

I am down to nursing the girls two times per day (morning and night) and have decided it’s time to start really rebuilding the strength I’ve lost. I’ve always been a fairly fit person and even worked out through the first 19 weeks of pregnancy…until bedrest hit…

My body had been changing drastically with the girls – I was in maternity clothes at just 7 weeks – And I knew I would get huge which would be hard on my 5′ 2″body. At 19 weeks when I went on bed rest with vasa previa (you can read more about that here and here)… I had no idea just how much damage that would do to my body.

Twin pregnancy + bed rest for 12 weeks + c-section = puddle of mush. 

After the girls were born, I spent 28 days hovered over two isolettes, sleeping in a hospital bed, and walking back and forth to NICU. I actually think the hospital walks and motivation to walk to NICU to pump in the same room as the girls helped me recover from my c section faster because I was so focused on my babies surviving that I didn’t have time to worry about myself. Regardless.

I got home, days turned to weeks, we were in isolation which meant we couldn’t go out to public places or be around anyone who didn’t go through the cleaning protocol… My body still wasn’t getting stronger. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it had I had any more than 3lb peanuts… My back hurt from nursing two babies around the clock, my boobs were ginormous (trust me, I’ve never had this problem), I was recovering from major surgery, and I was the heaviest I have ever been on my feet. Yes, I had been huge when I was pregnant, but I was in bed, so I wasn’t really carrying that weight.

Every time I tried to work out, I quickly realized I would lose my milk supply…even going for a mile walk. I was so f r u s t r a t e d.

I am someone who has always liked to work out and I was ready to get back on it, but my body just wasn’t on the same page. I made the decision that it was more important for me and my family to nurse the girls with their milk allergy, and in due time, I would get back to it. One thing I did do while I couldn’t workout was drink Shakeology.  Every single day.  It helped significantly with my milk supply and getting nutrients…while tasting delicious.

So here we are. I almost have 11 month old girls (sniffle, sniffle), I’m down to nursing twice per day… It’s time now.

I can say with 100% confidence that it is so much harder recovering from bedrest than my pregnancy and csection. My personality and brain says start back with Insanity… And my body has other plans. Turns out bod wins this fight.

I’m working with a physical therapist for my back and with my OB, so to top it off, we also discovered I had diastasis recti. I had done so much research while on bed rest (I spent an entire week obsessed with what I would do to workout post pregnancy), so I was pretty much watching for this and…here it is.

One of my favorite blogs and go to resources has been Jen Weir over at breakingmuscle.  She has a great tutorial for seeing if you have diastasis recti and what to do about it.  With the help of my PT, OB, aunt Ebby who is crazy smart and a huge resource, countless hours of research…I’ve started putting together some workouts.  It’s a good place to start for me.

I have actually been down to my pre-pregnancy weight for a couple of months now (thank God for breastfeeding) and actually a little under… but boy does it look different.  I’ve never been someone very concerned about numbers on a scale… but more so how I feel, how my clothes fit, and being strong.  I want to be strong for L&P and be a good role model…

Strong and healthy is beautiful...not a number.

My goal is to start posting my workouts.  I NEED variety…. so most of the time, it will be a compilation of a couple of different things.  I love BEACHBODY and have become a coach to get the discounts on products because I truly believe in them.  So, here’s what I use (both Beachbody and not):
Shakeology (I use this daily)
Insanity (pre-babes – I’m not here yet)
21Day Fix
– Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred
Breakingmuscle Diastasis Recti Cycle
– Cto10K app
– Nike Training app
– Yoga (I’m new to this, but have started to enjoy our classes at the gym!)
– Pilates (again… new to this, and can’t do everything, but I modify!)

**If you want to try a beachbody workout/product, feel free to contact me and I can hook you up**

So, here’s my first ‘getting back into it’ workout!

ppworkout phase 1.png

I hope you have a fanstic day!



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