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L & P: 11 months

…11 m o n t h s…

IMG_8903Here we are, one more month until I have toddlers.

I couldn’t be more proud of these two little girls this month… We’ve hit so many incredible milestones, they’re making so much progress with physical therapy and speech, they’re gaining weight, I’m still breastfeeding, they really are playing and talking to each other now, they LOVE their mommy and daddy, they are healthy and they are h.a.p.p.y.

IMG_9027IMG_9028WE EAT:

We had to make some adjustments this month, which was so tough, because my supply just wasn’t keeping up with these movin chicas. Here’s our eating schedule for now:

7am – nurse
8am – breakfast
11:30 – Neosure bottles
12:30 – lunch
4:00 – Neosure bottles
6:00 – dinner
7:30 – nurse

As far as solids, they are tanks.  They love to eat… their favs lately are green beans, multigrain cheerios, mac n’ cheese, mandarins, blueberries, and pancakes with applesauce or peanut butter.  They pretty much are eating whatever Zach and I are eating and Lila has an absolute cow if she doesn’t get to try what’s going in our mouths.  They’ve mastered drinking out of sippy cups and get awfully excited over water! We’re still on Neosure bottles twice a day, and hallelujah, they’re finally starting to put on some chunk!


Nothing new here… they are still taking 2 2-hour naps and sleeping about 11 hours through the night.  I totally chalk up their good sleeping habits to the fact that I’m crazy about our schedule and we do not miss naps.  This good schedule has actually allowed us to every once in awhile be flexible and take a nap in the car on the way to the zoo etc. and still not mess us up for days.  With our good routine, I can set them down in their cribs, they fuss for all of 2 minutes before falling asleep and getting a good solid nap/night’s sleep. It also allows me to be able to snuggle them or spend some 1:1 time with them at night because I have taught them how to sleep independently.

Good sleep = good awake time = happy, healthy, and growing babies.

Piper Lynn:

IMG_8899Oh, my sweet, little Ducky.

  • Crawling.  You are hands and knees, really crawling…and squealing the whole time.  You have defied all odds that anyone put on you.  You are determined and the tiniest little peanut, flying across the floor to get to what you want.
  • We finally had to lower your crib because again, you beat the odds and mastered this physical therapy goal of yours!! You are too cute getting excited and crawling as fast as you can to get to what you want and pulling yourself up… to your little table, on mommy’s knees, on your crib… so proud of you little Ducky.
  • You are still squealing your little heart out in excitement over everything… Your love for life is just contagious and the smile you give when we meet your excitement is second to none.
  • Oh. my. heavens. You LOVE your pups.  You get SO excited, literally jumping when they come around and crawling as fast as you can to touch them. Such a mutual love it is with Bails… I’m constantly telling her to stop licking you as you grab her whiskers, so patient as we teach you how to be gentle with our fur-babes.
  • You are starting to have a temper… always such a sass, you’ve started to really protest if something is taken away from you.  Waving your arms and fussin… you certainly don’t hesitate to tell mommy or daddy if you don’t approve of something!
  • You still love stuffed animals and anything with a face, squealing with delight and chatting away telling them stories.
  • You’re favorite toys these days are the play table and anything you can ‘open and shut’!
  • Your favorite books are the Pop-Up Peekaboo books and Curious George Pat-a-cake and you about leap in my lap when we pull them out to read!
  • You laughed for the first time yesterday… a good belly laugh that mommy and daddy got to experience and my heart literally exploded as you got such a kick out of daddy chasing us.

You are so strong. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you what you can and can’t acheive… I’m so hopeful you won’t need the braces everyone prepared us for. If you do, that’s okay and they will help you to reach new limits… but you have shown the world that you won’t give up without a fight.  You are such a fighter.  Youre innocence and precious grin melts anyone and everyone who you show it to.  We are constantly being stopped so people can get a glimpse of your sweet self.  God has so many plans for you, my sweet babe.  Keep singing your little heart out, you will change this world. I love you, my little Ducky.

Lila Marie:

IMG_8907My little jelly jumping bean.  Oh goodness, where to begin.

  • You have started growing into this big personality, missy. While you are most of the time my docile and reserved babe, you have quite the personality and the potential to really get your feelings hurt.
  • The snort.  The scrunchy nose.  Heavens, little girl… This could be my most favorite thing… although I think I say that about everything.  This has become your signature move and I finally caught it on tape.. when excitement hits, oh lawdy.. just watch out cause it’s comin!!
  • Jumping.. you love love love to jump! Door jumper, exersaucer, in our lap.. you’re getting those strong legs ready to stand and walk!!
  • Army crawling – you got this down, chica!! You’re perfecting this move and are starting to realize you can get places quicker crawling than rolling!
  • Sounds! As your core has gotten stronger, so has your ability to get these sounds rolling.  You still are my very quiet little girl, but when you have something to say, you do it!! “Bah bah bah” is still your fave!
  • Your favorite books are the Pop-up Peekaboo and Pat the Zoo, but you love to look at books while you play!
  • Holding toys with your feet… this cracks me up…
  • Evvvvverything goes over your head!! I’m terrified you’re going to bonk yourself something good, and you probably will… but this is your go to move!!
  • Your favorite toy is the play table, Little People bus, and the Ocean Explorers octopus! You love making the balls go down and it making noise!
  • Teddy… the love you have for your Teddy Aunt Sue made you…it makes my heart smile so deep it sometimes moves me to tears.  You snuggle, play with, and love on your teddy…goodness.
  • You love being tickled and this is a sure fire way to get that belly laugh going!

My sweet, sweet babe.  You are, and always have been, so gentle. You have your own timeline and from the very beginning, you have taught me so much.  I said it last month… I couldn’t wait to see where you were and my goodness, I am so proud. You have gotten to be so goofy and I will do literally anything to make you laugh.  I adore your snuggles and break my own rules to get some extra lovin from you.   You are your aunty through and through and have started to really show how persistent you can be when you want something.  Seek the Lord with that persistence, sweet pea… “For I know the plans I have for you…” I love you, Lila Bean.



11 month photo dump:


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