Party Planning

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!

I got the girls out this morning pretty quickly to head to Grammie’s for the day then snuck to the gym to try a class I’ve been dying to go to.  I used to be super into group fitness classes… spinning, boot camp, circuits, etc… but since bedrest and trying to heal the diastasis recti (you can read more about that here), my focus has been on rebuilding my core.  Up until now, I’ve only been walking (with a little jogging) and going to yoga and pilates.  This morning, I was PUMPED to go to a Boot Camp class and boy did it deliver! The instructor was so much fun, music was great, and the exercises and speed of the class were perfect.  My PT warned me on Monday to take it sloooow so, I did behave, used very light weights and modified when necessary.  My legs are still shaking and I know that come tomorrow I’ll be wobbling around and barely be able to wash my hair in the shower – it’s been awhile and I LOVE that feeling!

Seeing as the girls will be one in less than a month, it’s time to get this party planning going! I absolutely love to host and throw parties…the food, company, laughter, stories – I just love it! Mainly though, I get such a kick out of planning the small details.  I may or may not have a tiny bit of my mother in me, so I tend to go a bit overboard.

We went back and forth with what the girls’ party was going to look like: how many people, a theme, location, time of day, food, etc. and I’ve finally started to narrow down some of the big ideas.

There was a time we weren’t sure if we were ever going to get to celebrate a first birthday with these two little blessings, so I really wanted to celebrate the girls and their first year of life.

I decided to stick with a color theme and go with the colors of their nursery – teal and coral.  I absolutely adore them and I have the ability to add sparkles for a little party fun – so I’m adding gold!

I’m still working on details, but here’s some of my inspiration so far!


I can’t wait to celebrate these two and their first year of life with all of our family and friends!



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