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Friday Favs: 11 months

Helllllllo moving babies!! These girls are on the m.o.v.e and we are loving it!! This past week has been so much fun as Piper is perfecting her hands and knees crawl (and is getting uber fast) and Lila is getting good at her army crawl! So much has changed in the last month… I feel like we’re onto big kid stuff! Perfect time for our Friday Favs to focus on what you’re seeing around the Cline household!

11 month favs.jpg

Boogie wipes: I used to think these were a joke… just use a tissue, right?? No. Nope, nope… I am ordering these in bulk for my teething snotty little noses crawling around!! The girls are both in the midst of adding two upper teeth to their little mouths and their poor little noses are fountains. Their noses have gotten so sore from wiping them all the time and these Boogie wipes are so gentle on their delicate faces. Which leads me to my neeeext favorite….

Guguberry Drool Bibs: Keri over at Guguberry has the sweetest style and quite the knack for sewing these precious little drool bibs!! While the Lila gets just as much snot, Little Miss Piper is a drooling machine.  She has SO many cute colors and patterns… swoon. I also have seen on IG she’s making little bonnets… oh heavens.

Fisher Price Table: As the girls are getting mobile one of their newest tricks is pulling to their knees! They both have a PT goal to stand and this table is their FAVORITE!!! We’re spending an awful lot of time with them propped up here and this table has the perfect amount of buttons and things that open/close and slide to keep their attention for a significant amount of time!

SAK Threads:  These bloomers have become a fav in this household and with spring weather finally here, we’re literally living in them!!  They have adorable prints like the ones we have, as well as solids that can literally make any outfit.  I need every color, let’s be honest.  Bonus: They’re offering 20% off TODAY with the code: “FRIDAY”!!

Pop-Up Peekaboo Books:  One of my favorite times these days (I know, I know, I say this about pretty much everything they do right now) is snuggled up reading books. We read all. the. time. These Pop-up Peekaboo books have quickly become a favorite and we get LOTS of giggles with the repeated pop ups!

Tommee Tippee Silicone Bibs:  These have changed my life.  I’m not sure why I was so late to hop on these but golly they are the best.  The girls rarely eat purees anymore unless we’re on the go which means we’re getting practice with little bits! They both are getting pretty good at hitting their mouth but we still wind up with lots in our laps.  These silicone bibs are so easy to clean and catch 95% of what doesn’t make their mouth which means easier clean up for mommy and daddy!

Have a great weekend!!



4 thoughts on “Friday Favs: 11 months

  1. Those silicone bibs are the best invention! Brings back memories, feels like a long time ago since the my twins were that age but it was only 2 years ago. X


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