Weekend Roundup

Weekend Round-Up

What an i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e weekend!

The girls and I kicked off our weekend by going to Mammaw and Pappaw’s (Zach’s mom and dad) house for dinner with Zach’s brother and his familiy.  Yummy food, some good wine and great company.  As we were wrapping up to head home, Mamaw stuck Piper in the swing on the porch for the firs time and oh my heavens… the squeals were ah-maz-ing. Next was Lila’s turn and the giggles came rolling.  I’m not sure who had more fun… the girls or Mammaw! The most perfect way to kick off our weekend!

Saturday I got up to nurse and when we were done, Zach wanted some one on two time with his sweet babes and promptly sent me back to bed – who was I to argue?! After spending two full days this week without seeing them, he was in desperate need of baby lovin.. and it was delivered 🙂 We got the girls down for their nap and I headed out to a local garden center to buy our plants that we’ve been planning for our garden! We spent the ENTIRE day outside and it was beeeautiful!! We sunscreend up, brought our baby gate, blanket, and toys outside and took turns playing and planting.  Some of you may remember awhile back when Zach and I decided to get rid of all of our bushes…so we had quite the space to fill!

IMG_9222.JPGSunday we woke up and jumped right back in where we left off.  Lots of weeding, playing, planting, playing, mulching, playing, mowing…all on repeat.

IMG_9212.JPGWe ended the weekend with an impromptu cookout with Mammaw and Pappaw over at our house.  It was such a perfect way to end the weekend.

IMG_9221.JPGWe did have some huge stuff happening with the girls this weekend: New sneaks (see below).  Lila went from belly to kneeling to standing all on her own with that purple octopus.  Piper was standing more steady.  Lila and Piper both imitated waving ‘hi’ – proud proud proud teaching moment.  SO amazing!!!


The girls spent the weekend in their new sneakers we had gotten per recommendation from our PT…wow.  I can’t believe what a difference these shoes are making!!! The goal is to get Piper’s legs strong enough to not need bracing and I can’t believe how much more stable she is already.  I had such a hard time finding small enough sneaks with a rubber sole to fit their tiny feet and finally found two options – Converse and Under Armour.  I LOVE Converse and really contemplated getting both, but, because they are going to be wearing these the majority of their days and with summer coming up, I kind of cringed trying to throw 4 high top baby shoes on squiggly wiggly little feet multiple times per day.  So Under Armour it was.  Are these not THE cutest things you have ever seen?!?! Piper kept them on wonderfully and Lila was more interested in eating them… great teething toys at this point I suppose, ha!

Zach and I crawled into bed talking about our very full hearts and how blessed we are.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend – it looked like most everyone had beautiful weather!!

Question: What are your baby essentials for the summer?! What kind of sunscreen do you use for the littles? Sun hat that your babe keeps on their head?!



Weekend Photo dump:


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