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Friday Favs: Mama Style

Hellllo and Happy Friday!

I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee trying to refuel before Zach gets here to take over for me because Christine and I have a mani date!!! Can I get a woop woop?! Too much? I think not… Eeeek! Sister time is easily on my top list of most favorite things to do in life.  I can only pray L&P will be as close as we are.

Anyways, as excited as I am…let’s hop into our usual Friday Favs…this week focusing on Mamas!! It’s spring time, Mother’s Day is just around the corner… These are all things I’ve been swooning over here lately! As always, feel free to play along in the comments section!mama style.jpg

Diaper Bag: This is just an essential at this stage of life and I’ve been following a couple of different companies on IG here lately seeing as my Ju-Ju Be just got a tear in it (boo).  The two I’ve been eyeing here lately have been the Nadia – Black and White Stripe and Floral by Better Life Bags and the Elizabeth in Camel by Lily Jade .  I’m such a sucker for floral these days and the mission behind BLB is just incredible.  Definitely pop over there to check out what they’re doing!

Toms: I’ve always been a sandals gal in the summer but here lately I’ve been chasing after my mobile little ones so I’m needing something I can’t so easily fall in… and something I don’t have to spend time tying every single time..So, hello, Toms!

Denim: Pants are just all over the place for me these days as I’m in between sizes and clothes are fitting differently.  I’m on the lookout for some distressed jeans and would love to get my hands on these bad boys!! I’ve heard so many amazing things…

Tees: I’m all about easy and comfy these days and have been diggin’ some of these tees over at Mama Said Tees.  They have an incredible mission to spread kindness in the world and what better way to spread than with mommy and me matching sets?!

Sunnies: SUCKER for sunnies, really aviators… and I have a terrible habit of losing them… so I look no further than good ole’ Target.  I can’t bring myself to spend more than $15 on sunnies until I can learn how to not lose or break them… which probably won’t be until we’re out of toddlerhood.

Makeup: I’ve finally been back into the world of makeup and have been loving my easy routine, however I have been dying to get my hands on this pallette… it’s been in my cart forever on Amazon…a girl can dream!

Question: What are your spring go-to as a momma?!

Have such a great weekend!!



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