Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

Goooood morning, Monday!  I hope you had a fantatic weekend and are ready for this week! It’s a beautiful sunny day here and I’m checking in quickly before packing us all up to head to the park! I may or may not need 12 more of these though… IMG_9351.JPG

If you were here Friday, you remember I started off my weekend with a little sister time with a mani! We have the BEST time with each other then add in a little pampering + a little wine + and a little coffee and these mamas are set! IMG_9353.JPG

Saturday was fairly low key… if you can call 3 babies + a toddler low key.  Zach went to help a friend move so the girls and I went over to Christine and Mark’s to play before church.  These days look a little different and it’s so fun to watch all the kids play together..or lick each other’s face and take toys from one another 🙂 Zach met us at church and we all had dinner before heading home for the night.

IMG_9352.JPGSunday was busy with lunch with the Cline’s, meal planning, grocery shopping, and prepping for an entire week’s worth of healthy breakfast, lunches and dinner! Check out this baby!!! Yes, I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner 100% completed for the entire week… meaning I literally take it out of the fridge, microwave for a couple of seconds if needed and a healthy meal is ready.  And I did it in 90 minutes.  I’m so excited about the amount of time this will save me throughout the week in planning, prepping, dishes…and it’s all healthy. Boo. Ya.

I was also able to sneak in a little practice for getting the cakes ready.. not too bad for the first try, eh?!


This picture cracks me up… I have about 10 more of the bus going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. The girls almost starting to get mad when the other takes the toy… but we grab it back and we’re fine… until 2 seconds later.IMG_9355.JPG

Ok, girls are stirring and I’m not even close to getting packed up… let’s do this!!

I hope you have a fantastic week!



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