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Friday Favs #8

Happy Fri-Yay!! Woo woo!!

It’s been a great week with poopy weather, so we’ve had lots of indoor time and this mama is beyond ready to get back to sunshine and heat!! So many good things going on this weekend… family time tonight, girls day tomorrow for a bachelorette party and a birthday party on Sunday! Whatever you’re getting into, I hope it’s fun!

If you’ve been around, you know Fridays are reserved for sharing some of my recent favs! Sometimes the focus is on mama, the babes, or just a random compilation.  I love to hear what your loving lately, so feel free to play along in the comments or shoot me a message!  I’ve gotten some awesome suggestions from readers and I love hearing what I’m missing out on!


Guys. After my post yesterday {we stand together}, the outpouring of love and support was incredible.  I sat last night and read the comments and messages and it brought tears to my eyes.  The journey leading up to our sweet babes was one that was so hard but  I have met so many incredible couples who had either walked that path before us or are fighting the same battles and truly, there is power in numbers.  I would never wish this journey upon anyone, but the community that has come with it has been amazing.  So many people reached out to share their journey who hadn’t been able to talk about it… sometimes it is enough to just know, we stand together.  Thank you for all of the love and support and please, if you know someone who is struggling with infertility, share this with them.  There is power in numbers and to know you are not alone sometimes gives you that hope you need.

So much love, thank you.

goldenhill.jpgGoldenHill Designs

You saw these gems on our {11 month favorites} and I am dying to get into some warmer weather to rock our floral skinny minnies! Today is their BIRTHDAY (woo woo!!) and these gals are offering some amazing deals through the end of the day!

* Free shipping using code: ONEYEAR
* 20% off using the code: SHARETHELOVE
(Etsy only allows one coupon code, so use whichever helps you the most!)
* Bonus item of one of their favorite things

There ya have it, absolutely no excuse not to get one…or five. I seriously want every. single. color. They have the most adorable items for little boys too..there is something for everyone!!

snickerdoodle.jpgArcher Hills Snickerdoodle Coffee 

I mean do I need to say more?? Go to Target (as if you need an excuse, don’t lie) and grab yourself some… now.  You can thank me later! I’ve been killing some hot coffee this week with our icky weather and this stuff is deeelish!

IMG_9453.JPGMason Jar Salads

I mentioned on Monday {here} that I had prepped a whole weeks worth of meals and snacks for both Zach and I that are 21 Day Fix approved on Sunday.  Lunches are all salads so to make sure my salads weren’t all soggy and gross by the end of the week, my sister recommended trying them as mason jar salads and they are holding strong!! I wasn’t convinced that it would stay fresh but sure enough, I’m pretty excited for my lunch today! Check that baby out! Let me know if you’re interested in the menu and process! I have to say, Zach and I were super impressed with how delicious it all was!

Question: What are you lovin this week that I need to know about??

Would you be interested in seeing a post about recipes and meal prepping for a whole week for one or two?! 

Have a great week!



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