twins · Weekend Roundup

Coffee. Wine. BFFs.

Good morning, ya’ll!

I’m not sure why I said that… it just kinda came out. Anyways, how was your weekend?!

IMG_9485.JPGWe kicked off the weekend at home resting up because Saturday and Sunday were packed!  These girls are BFFs and it just makes my heart want to explode.  Anyways. Just what the doc ordered – sweats and the couch. yes. please.IMG_9491.JPG

Saturday started early. Like 5am early. I was super pumped to head out to the Dayton Mother of Twins Club clothing sale for the first time and it didn’t disappoint.  I joined the DMOTC earlier this year and have been really excited to get into a community of women who all have one thing in common – multiples.  It’s something no one can understand unless you’ve been there and if you have twins, I highly suggest you find the local twins club and join! One of the perks of being a member is that you get early admission into the sale..and yes, it is worth it! The sale opens to the general public at 9am, but as a club member, we got in at 7:15.  Just to give you an idea… when I got in line at 7:15, there were already multiple people who were lined up for the general public.  Yikes. It wasn’t warm either.

So I rocked out and got a slide, two swings, two wooden knob puzzles, 4 summer outfits, 2 bibs, and a pop up game.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself!!

I hustled on outta there to grab some coffee and meet Janice to head down to Cincinnati for a bachelorette weekend… triple venti white mocha. give. me. all. the. coffee.

IMG_9465.JPGWhen we got to Cincy to meet up with the other women, we had some time to kill while everyone was getting up and recovering from the night before, so we stopped at the most amazing little coffee shop.  1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab is in the heart of Over the Rhine and if you’ve been to Cincinnati and haven’t been through OTR, you need to go.  Seriously, delish. I’d be in trouble if that was any closer to our house.

PicTapGo-Image.jpgIMG_9490.JPGAfter some quality BFF time over breakfast, we headed down to Elk Creek Vineyards  for a lunch, tasting and tour.  Zach and I have been here before to celebrate our anniversary and were so impressed with the beauitful scenery, amazing music and ambiance and I had been dying to go back.  Even though the weather was awful, we all had such a great time and of course had wonderful company celebrating the beautiful bride to be!

IMG_9493.JPGWe enjoyed a buffet lunch with soup, salad, sandwhiches, veggies, chips and dessert as we chatted over wedding plans and updates in our crazy lives! The tour was impressive and I had never seen the behind the scenes of the largest winery in Kentucky!  They offer a wide variety of lodging, events, and a spa making it the perfect place for a wedding, outing, reunion, anniversary date, or even bachelorette party! If you haven’t been, you should definitely check it out!

IMG_9494.JPGWe headed home after leaving Elk Creek to get back to our babes and fur babes.  Grandma and Grandpa were at home hanging with my crew so I walked into a delicious steak dinner with wonderful company!

Sunday started off with a little DIY project that Zach and I have been tag teaming.  I’ve been dying with our toys spread all over the place with no real home, so this has been a long time comin!

IMG_9488.JPGWe’re a pretty fantastic team… I tend to have grand visions and am able to do the crafty side of things…but construction and tools aren’t really my thing. This is where my handsome hubby comes in.

I’ve tried rewriting this sentence 6x now and it still doesn’t sound right.  So. He’s good at building things.  Specifically made out of wood.  We’ll leave it at that.

A post will be appearing soon about the many probjects this man has made for me… to say I’m proud of him would be a huge understatement.  So. Back to this project…

IMG_9487.JPGToy shelf in the making.  It’s debut will be coming just as soon as these little ladies can sleep long enough for me to make some decent progress!

We wrapped up our weekend with a 2-year old birthday and finally, snuggling on the front porch with our sweet girls as a thunderstorm came barreling in….

Alright ladies and gents! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and the start to a magnificent week!

Question: What is your favorite DIY project you’ve made?!



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