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one year

o.n.e. y.e.a.r.

just like that. we have two one year olds.

  I don’t know how it happened or where the time went, but I look at our beautiful daughters and thank the Lord with every ounce of my being for these two blessings.
my heart literally jumps as I watch my heart, in two pieces, walking outside of my body.

 I can’t write a 12 month update without visiting where we came from.  born at 31 weeks + 3 days and just 3lb 3oz and 3lb 13oz, I watched our tiny little girls fight for their lives. 28 days in NICU after I had spent 3.5 weeks in the antepartum unit on bedrest with vasa previa. this road wasn’t easy for us but I wouldn’t trade a single day. and now, 365 days later… we tucked two toddlers in to bed and gave them a kiss good night.

  all of the cliches are true. so true. so instead of going through each one.. we’ll just say there are so many wonderful and beautiful updates from last month.. here’s what we’ve been up to!


our schedule hasn’t changed much in this department and I can say with a very humble heart that I am still hangin on to at least one nursing session with them.  it’s a time I will forever cherish and I will miss so badly when it’s gone…but for now, I’m just grateful to have been able to breast feed for as long as I have.  looking back, it certainly wasn’t an easy journey for us, but I couldn’t be more grateful that we kept pushing through our obstacles and I have had at least a full year. because of how early they were, they will continue to take Neosure (formula for preemies) until they are 12 months corrected age which means through July.  this has a higher calorie content as well as other big nutrients for them, so that also means putting on some actual baby chunk – – this mama isn’t complainin! who doesn’t love some baby rolls?!

7:00 – nurse
8:00 – breakfast
11:30 – Neosure bottle
12:00 – lunch
4:00 – Neosure bottle
6:00 – dinner

breakfast is pretty solid for these chicas.  their fav is pancakes with pureed fruit/whole milk yogurt but it’s also in a good rotation with oatmeal cereal with nut butter.  lunch is a random assortment depending on what I’m eating and if we’re running errands or at home…my big thing here is that they have a fruit + veggie + protein.  their fav though is mac n’ cheese (i have noooo idea where they get that from 😉 ) .  dinner is usually whatever we’re eating unless we’re having chicken breast or steak… again, my focus is that they get a fruit + veggie + protein + carb.  they really are good eaters and are pretty open to whatever I put on their tray!


again, nothing too different here… Piper will probably be dropping her morning nap sooner rather than later, but for now, she is still having rest time and catching at least an hour of zzz’s while Lila sleeps her good 2 hous.  afternoon they both crash hard and sleep a good 1.5-2 hours.  night time is solid.. down at 8 and sleep until 6:45-7. I’ve said it time and time again… I am crazy about their naps and their schedule, but it has certainly paid off.  people will say, “wow, you’re so lucky that they sleep through the night!” and I have to laugh.  there is nothing about their sleep habits that was luck for us…it took hard work and we are constantly making sacrifices so that they stay on their schedule.

for us at least, good sleep = happy babies = happy mama

  Lila Marie
18lbs | 25.5in. | 5 teeth

Ohhh my little Lila Bean…

  • you have become suuuuch a happy little girl. you’re smile is contagious and you flash that toothy grin every chance you get
  • you are so proud of yourself, as is your mama and daddy, and for good reason. you are such a hard worker and when you go after it, you go after it h a r d
  • your laugh. you are hands down the funniest person you know and you snort and giggle at yourself all day long.  you love your sissy and even let me in on your goofiness… i will literally do anything to see that smile and hear that belly laugh
  • daddy’s girl. oh my. you broke your mama’s heart so bad and at the same time made it a puddle on the floor when you pushed me away to jump in to your daddy’s arms as soon as he came home one day…and you’ve been doing it ever since.  watching you love him so has made my heart explode
  • crawling.  you’re officially hands and knee crawling and your excited crawl has us rolling as you wiggle your whole tush as fast as it can go to get to what you want.  you have a very wide crawl and you ‘w’ sit which has landed you some extra physical therapy time.  you recently got compression shorts stitched down the legs that you’re trying to get used to wearing, although you hate how they restrict you.  they’ll make you stronger though, sweet pea, so we’ll keep working on breaking them in
  • pulling to stand. oh lawdy, you want nothing more than to stand e.v.e.r.y. chance you get, pulling on anything to help you get there. one of my fav things is seeing you stand in your crib and peer over at me, grinning and showing off your skills
  • talking.  while you are rather opinionated, you’re still saving those consonant sounds for yourself and showing us how you feel by your giggles and screams in protest.  you’ve developed quite the method for letting me know when your not happy with something and aren’t afraid to let that shine
  • playing. oh suga, can you play.  you’ve always been able to entertain yourself and shoot me a smile when I catch your eye. you’re perfectly content exploring and interacting with toys.
  • you’re favorites these days are the yellow chair at Grammies, the bus you can put things in, and books. you loooove to read books and the textured books are your favs

my sweet, sweet baby… you continue to amaze me as you discover all this world has to offer.  you are getting more confident and aren’t afraid to crawl off and see what you can find.  you are so tough and are earning your fair share of bruises, cuts and bumps – I see your aunty every time I look at you.  your joy, resilience and love for life should be admired.. I hope you never lose your eye for beauty and laughter. you literally shake with excitement as you anticipate tickles and funny noises and your snort is rather impressive. I do my best to take in every second you snuggle, every kiss you lean in for, every single time you flash me that beautiful smile…you are entering into toddlerhood faster than I can keep up with and will be running around before we know it.  you’re my fighter, Lila Bean… you’ll never know how scared I was that we would lose you just one year ago. you have overcome more obstacles than any baby should ever have to experience, but I will always be here to remind you how strong you are.  you are our miracle baby, sweet girl.  I love you so fiercly and we couldn’t be more proud of who you are becoming.

thank you for all you give, every day, punkin head.  you make our lives better for all you are.

Happy Birthday, Lila Bean. I love you forever :*

  Piper Lynn
17lb 6oz | 26in. | 2 teeth

Oh my beautiful, Ducky

  • you are so independent and yet so needy all wrapped up in one tiny package
  • animals. my heavens, girly, you and your stuffed animals… although your ducky is your official companion, you really don’t hold back your love for anything that has eyes and a mouth… always planting big ole open mouth kisses right on their schnozz.
  • squeals. you still don’t have a real laugh, but that squeal leaves no question for your excitement
  • crawling – if running happened in crawling form, you nailed it. your newest game has been playing chase and you squeal with delight as we stomp the ground behind you as you go
  • pulling to stand.. you and sis, as fast as you can, pulling up on evvvverything and anything to get your newest perspective.
  • biggest helper: givin your mama a run for her money on diaper changes as you literally climb all over tryin to help, assisting with unloading the dishwasher. you’re my little shadow and are perfectly content hanging on someone’s lap being a part of the converations.
  • chatty cathy… you certainly get this from your daddy. you’re imitating multiple sounds and are a very good story teller and will share with anyone who will listen.  you’re most favorite audience? your ducky and pup pup in bed :*
  • mama’s girl. you are certainly in a mommy phase and I’m eating it up while I can.
  • your looks. gah. those eyelashes and the way that chin tilts down and those eyes look up. the puckered lips. good night.
  • your favorite toys are your ducky, stuffed animals, water bottles you can rub your teeth on, and pop up toys you can play peek-a-boo with

oh ducky. you are a precious little peanut with a heart bigger than your body. you are your mama through and through and I see a 16 year old Piper, yet am looking at my face.  you love with your whole being and get your heart broken so easily.  you continue to defy the odds and prove you are strong enough to hit those milestones.  you are so sensitive and need kisses for every boo boo, which I am happy to deliver.  you know what you want, when you want it, and have started teasing sis with your games.  you’re changing on a daily basis and starting to show your ginormous personality.  beautiful girl, we love you all of that sass you have wrapped up in your tiny little body. we can’t wait to see it all unfold as you continue to grow into the person God created you to be.  follow your heart, ducky, and you won’t go wrong.  believe in yourself as much as we do and you can do anything your heart desires.  we love you so, peanut :*  the happiest of birthdays

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