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12 month favs

I can’t even believe this rendition Friday Favs is for 12 months!! I still feel like I should have 6 month olds… time s l o w  d o w n . . .
holy moly poly… these gals are moooovin!! you can check out what is new with the girls in their 12 mont update here – let me tell you, I no longer have little babies.
the girls were born at just 31 weeks, so although they are 12 months, they really are somewhere around 10 months corrected age.  that being said, we are starting to catch up and they are b.u.s.y.
we’re also finally getting some summer weather here in Ohio and hallelujah we get to be outside some!!
if you’ve been around, you know Fridays are reserved for things I’ve been loving lately!
don’t forget to play along in the comments section and let me know what your favs are for your little ones or what we need to be on the lookout for in our near future!

12month favs.jpg

MissMagpieOriginals Bows: these ladies + these bows. swoon.  I ordered some of these bows awhile ago and when they arrived I was sooo pleased with how cute they were – even cuter in person!!  the ladies behind this little shop are as kind as they can be and have wonderful customer service.  the Itty Bitty Headbands are tiny and perfect for the wee ones and I can’t get enough of their new knot-a-bows! we now own quite a few and I can’t get enough!
Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Water Table: now that the girls are rockin their pull-to-stand and can stand for quite some time this water table couldn’t have been a more perfect birthday present!! they are loving being outside, standing and splashing in the water! this table also comes with balls that they love to watch come down the spiraling tower and out into the water.  I really wasn’t sure if they would be too little for it, but we are going to get some reeeeally good use out of this baby this summer!
Under Armour Shoes: when our physical therapist recommended we get the girls in hard-soled tennis shoes, I was reeeeally hard pressed to find any that would fit their tiny feet.  I spent a lot of time looking and researching and finally came across THE cutest shoes you have ever seen in your life… right?!?! these itty bitty tennies are seriously adorable (x2) and they have helped the girls t r e m e n d o u s l y in their balancing!
Fisher Price Little Stackers Giraffe: Zach came home on their birthday with this little giraffe and it has been a favorite.  I was absolutely floored the other day in therapy when Lila actually stacked all 4 blocks!! the girls are super into crashing and find it funny to climb as fast as they can into the nearest lap and giggle as soon as it comes tumbling down.  hands down one of our favorite toys these days.
Nuby No-Spill Flip n’ Sip cup: these cups get daily use these days and were super helpful in teaching the girls how to use a straw.  I wish it was easier to carry two cups everywhere we went and it’s just not practical, so teaching them how to drink out of a straw was top priority.  the girls still need some extra help holding on to cups so I love that these have two handles for them to hold.  this one was a mama win as we are now able to drink wherever we go with a straw! woo woo!
Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair: these chairs were gifts from their grandma and grandpa for Christmas and although they didn’t pay too much attention to them then, they are in loooove with them now.  they not only make the most adorable places for them to read their books, but they also make great mountains to climb on! while I do think they are crazy expensive, the girls are at least getting good use out of them.
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: this book. I probably read it at least 14 times every day. and no, I’m not kidding.  the girls sit and flip the pages and sit in their little chairs while I read and press the buttons.  they got this as a present for their baby dedication and it’s by far their favorite book these days which is impressive since it’s not a touch and feel book!
River&Grace Co.: you’ve seen me rave about this company before with their adorable mommy and me matching tees and they’ve done it again.  I’ll Love You Forever + I’ll Like You For Always . . . heavens. give me everything in their shop!!!
Guguberry Bandana Bibs.: You may remember these from our 11month favs but seriously I don’t think we could live without them! the girls teething is at an all time high and along with that comes the drool.  Keri is so so talented and the attention to detail is absolutely perfect.
Honest Co. Calming Face + Body Lotion: the Honest Co. has become part of our nightly routine with baths and massages.  since the girls basically eat whatever we eat and feed themselves, messy is an understatement and we are taking baths nightly.  this tear-free body wash + shampoo is a very gentle option for our littles delicate skin.  Piper is prone to having eczema and while we use coconut oil on their face and bum, this lotion is our go to for massages.  the lavendar scent is so relaxing and it is a perfect addition to our night time routine.
**Disclaimer: As always, none of the items featured in Friday Favs are sponsored products, simply items I love and love to share with you!!  Some affiliate links may be included to which I will make a very small commission if you, the reader, make a purchase after clicking those links.  As always, I truly appreciate your support and reading my blog!
Question: What are your must-haves for your littles right now?!
(play along in the comments section below!)
 **as always,

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