32 things

if you’ve been around here for more than a week, you know Friday’s are reserved for things I love.

I love sharing what I’m digging lately from baby to beauty products that make my life easier.

this Friday happens to be a bit different.  it is the day before the most selfless, loving, optimistic man I’ve ever met turns 32.

so. in honor of the sexiest man I know, here’s 32 things I love about my hubby on his 32nd birthday.

  1.  your optimism.  although sometimes it gets you in trouble, you have THE most optimistic outlook on life. it is something I discovered and fell in love with on our very first date and it has not changed.
  2. the way Lila reaches out for you now, literally leaping out of my arms to get to you when you walk through that door.
  3. you are the hardest worker I have ever met. it drives me up a wall sometimes that you literally can’t sit down but you work so hard for your family… plus, we have some pretty awesome things to show for it.IMG_7689.JPG
  4. speaking of awesome things. you are incredibly handy. if you don’t know how to do something, you will learn. i have so many incredible pieces in our house I am proud of that you have made me… #1 will always be our bed!
  5. you love me. you have loved me at my best, looking my most beautiful, but most importantly you have loved me when I’ve been ugly on the inside and out. you have stood next to me through the hardest years of my life. dried every tear, and stuck by my crazy (not that that evvver happens)IMG_1914.JPG
  6. you scream sing your heart out to everything from Mercy Me to Justin Bieber to Garth Brooks.IMG_2022.JPG
  7. you’re super sexy.
  8. you are the leader of our house and read scripture to our sweet daughters at night, praying with them before we tuck them under.
  9. you push me to be my best in everything I do.
  10. you provide for our family.
  11. you support me in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I do. grad school. teaching. BCBA. new career. SAHM. blogging. you’re my #1 supporter.IMG_8614.JPG
  12.  you can make Piper squeal like no one else… good. night. is it adorable.IMG_3098.JPG
  13. you slept on a hospital pull-out chair longer than I think should be legal and you never once complained that your feet hung off, you had to curl to fit on it and there were divets that you fell through if you moved the wrong way…. just so that I wasn’t alone and because you love your babies.IMG_7112.JPGIMG_2626.JPG
  14. I laugh harder with you than anyone in the world.
  15. you watch the bachelor with me.
  16. you kill bugs. and snakes.IMG_0762.JPG
  17. have I mentioned your smokin? 😉
  18. you have the sweetest soft spot… our babies, Parenthood, God’s amazing miracles.
  19. you literally have given a coyote a c-section and delivered a baby coyote, taking care of it and raising it for months. and the only reason I don’t think you’re lying is because your mom said so.IMG_1939.JPG
  20. you’re a dreamer. and you dream big. enough for half of the population actually.
  21. you hunt and provide. we almost rarely need to buy meat because you provide through your talent.
  22. bud. light. lime.IMG_2370.JPG
  23. you can talk to a wall. literally. you’ve never met a stranger and I secretly have picked up some of your skill.
  24. you took me to a roller skate rink for date night and roooocked it.
  25. you put all of our laundry away because it is my least favorite chore in the entire world.IMG_4605.JPG
  26. you want the best for our family and are willing to jump through hoops so that we have everything we need.
  27. your body is in a constant state of looking dirty regardless of how many showers you take or how many times you wash your hands. you work your butt off and it physically shows.
  28. you love your family. you are 100% your mother and father and your brother is your best friend. you have adopted my family as your own and treat them as such.IMG_1708.JPG
  29. you have beat testicular cancer. and you were my rock through the whole thing.
  30. you are so inappropriate and i die at the most ridiculous things that come out of your mouth.
  31. you will eat absolutely anything. and I mean anything. if I pull something out that’s questionable you will always try it to make sure I’m not poisoning myself or the girls .. and are typically finished with your meal by the time everyone else gets their food.IMG_9515.JPG
  32. you have given me the greastest gift of life and I will forever be indebted to you because of it. you chose me over yourself and laid your own pride down so that we could have our sweet, sweet girls. IMG_2600.JPGIMG_3325.JPGIMG_3366-1.JPGIMG_3420-1.JPG

happy birthday, baby.



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