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summer bucket list

summer is quickly approaching but the weather has made it feel like we’re in full swing.

sunshine. warmth. swimming. babies in bathing suits (the best!!!). walks. parks. sunscreen.

hands down my favorite time of the year!!

last year we spent the majority of the summer in isolation with two preemies who i was terrified i would break at any given moment…so we didn’t do much.

this year though… watch out!! i’m finally confident in my abilities to go out solo with the girls, they’re movin and groovin + love new adventures. it’s going to be a blast!

so much fun awaits us this year  and although I’ve always had a bucket list for every season, this is the first time we will check off items as a family of four. i can’t wait for a summer full of firsts!

some items have already been checked off, some will be completed as hubby+wife, some as a family and some as girl time!


summer bucket list.png

..splash pad..
i’ve always taken the kids that i babysat for over the years to splash pads in the area and this year i think the girls will get a kick out of splashing around and the water going everywhere! although they can’t walk yet, i can’t wait to see them crawl around chasing jumping water! movie..
we have a drive-in theatre close by and one of Zach’s and my favorite dates is a drive in movie.  this year might take the cake though since we have our new van with tailgaiting capabilities. yes. you read that right. give me some blankets + a pillow + goodies and we are set.

PicTapGo-Image.jpg..go to the zoo..
knowing that i would be staying at home with the girls, we got a zoo pass to the Cincinnati Zoo for Christmas.  we’ve already been a couple of times and we loooove it.  as a member, you can get into the zoo early, plus we have free parking + a free guest. we can pack our lunch and it really is a free day of fun! Cincinnati has SUCH a nice zoo and it’s big enough with so many cool animals that we certainly won’t be getting bored.

our family has gone to Sanibel Island off of Florida since before i was born and i can count on one hand how many times i’ve missed going.  last year happened to be one of those years since we were hoping i would still be pregnant. this year might take the cake.  i have so many memories growing up and my heart couldn’t be any more full that i now have my own sweet little babies to pass this on to.

while Sanibel is one of my most cherished childhood memories, boating is Zach’s.  i think he has mentioned it at least once daily.. i’m so glad we opted to do swim lessons because the girls are going to be little fishies! a sand castle..
baby toes + sand… i’m in heaven already. get ready for the baby spam. games..
i’m not sure there could be something more summery. we love to support both our local Dayton Dragons as well as the Cincinnati Reds and the girls have already been to a couple of Reds games! while i’m all about the hotdogs + beer + people watching, I love a good ol’ homerun!

one of my best friends introduced me to Rita’s while we were in college and if you have one close to you… you need to go. now. italian ice meets slushy and they have a date with ice cream. my summer treat that i literally could eat by the gallon.

..make homemade ice cream..
we got a homemade ice cream maker for our wedding because i’m slightly obsessed. although i have hundreds of recipes saved on pinterest, this will be the year that i put them to use!

..first popcicles..
there is just something about babies and popcicles. the cold. the juice. the melting deliciousness.. i don’t think it would be summer without. trust me, pictures will be coming!

FullSizeRender.jpg..swim under the stars..
the pool is easily one of my summer favorites and we have two fishies on our hands which fills my summer time heart with joy.  while i’m certainly not a night person, there is something to be said for that late night dip.

..bubble party..
i have a gallon container here at home and i fully plan to empty the container by the time summer is over.  there is magic in bubbles…

..2nd street market..
this is a local venue that hosts local growers, bakers, culinary specialists and artisians in a charming historical freight house.  so much deliciousness all in one spot.

..paint with water..
this was a go to activity when i was in the classroom with my wee ones but it’s one i know the girls will have a blast with.  really i think it will be chewing on paint brushes and dumping water on ourselves + Lila sticking her face in the bucket and yelling.. but let me have my fun in thinking that this will be an actual activity

IMG_8614.JPG..picnic at the park..
i love to be outside every chance we get and we have SO many parks around our area.  some have splash pads and can’t wait to see what the girls think of those, others we’ll be using the slide, riding animals and swings! grab a blanket, pack a cooler with some cheese, fresh cut fruit, pb+j, and some veggie pouches and we’ll call it a date!

..story time at the library..
i haven’t ventured to our local library yet because i’ve been nervous about flying solo at an event where we need to sit quietly…but our twin mama group has been chatting up the libraries around town and how much fun they are for even the younger kiddos. these chicas looove their books and i think they would get a kick out of the whole’s time!

..breakfast date..
now that i don’t last much past 8pm when i put the girls down, i am rockin and rollin in the morning.  i’m a breakfast person and would eat pancakes, eggs, bacon, all day long…and let’s be honest, that’s just a reality with coffee. there are so many good breakfast joints around town.. and there’s just something romantic about sitting in the sunshine drinking coffee with a smokin hot man 🙂

..bonfire with s’mores..
one of my favorite things about where we live is that we can have a bonfire wheeeenever we want. which means s’mores.  really i think fires are worthless without some graham + mallows + chocolate.. but. details.

..twin group play dates..
i’m super excited to have taken over the role of planning playdates with our twin group and already have multiple dates through august planned to get together with some amazing mamas! there is so much power in numbers and nothing greater than knowing your not the only crazy one juggling these babes!

Finding-Dory-Disney-pixar-2016.jpg..Finding Dory..
i’m counting down the days until the premier and my heart gets giddy every time Ellen drops her line!! this will be a date day for sure.. gimme the popcorn, milk duds and slushy…we’re goin!!!! the sunset..
zach’s favorite thing in the world to do is to drive the golf cart up to the top of our property and watching the sun set.  it’s so surreal looking out over our property and seeing this beautiful world that God created.  i’m constantly in awe.  sunsets in general remind me of all of our blessings.. be it on the beach, mountain, fields.. just give me all the sunsets.

..Kings Island..
last year i gave Zach tickets to King’s Island for our anniversary and seeing that it’s coming up here soon, it’s probably time to cash those in!! we both love roller coasters and since we have the tickets already..why not?!

..cookout with watermelon and corn on the cob..
need i go on?!

..Saturday mornings at Barnes and Noble..
i took the girls when i was still wearing them both just to get out of the house but now they’ll be able to do so much more! B&N is so gracious with their time and events that they offer to the community.. it’s so neat what all they put on there! story times are interactive and often times there are extension activities to get these kids excited about reading!

..corndogs at the fair..
i have a secret love of corndogs.  nothing is better than fair food and it makes me think of the Notebook over and over again. surely i can’t be the only one?!

2.jpg..Boonshoft museum..
another local hot spot.. this place is SO cool for kids of all ages and i’m SO thrilled they put in an area for the wee ones!!  so many different places to explore and each space is so engaging, we literally can go so many times and only get to one or two exhibits! also super exciting is that as the girls get older, there are whole new places that will open up to them!

..first disney movie..
so many choices here… the girls really don’t watch TV because we don’t have cable and they took Sesame Street off of PBS (boo) so really it’s Ellen and Wheel of Fortune that they are exposed to… but. when the commercial for the Lion King coming to town comes on it doesn’t matter what we’re doing the girls will break their necks to watch the animals.  so i think it’s only fitting that The Lion King is our first… but then there’s The Little Mermaid, and Pocahontas, and Aladin.. hmm. what is a mama to do?!

..homemade pizza..
this is a summer love of mine… and my mouth is watering.

..porch swing + wine..
summer days. cool riesling or sauvignon blanc. porch swing. the name says it all.

looks like we’ll be busy this summer… tell me!

Question: What’s on your summer bucket list?!




2 thoughts on “summer bucket list

  1. My list; Hiking with my friends, pup and hubby. Hosting some parties and lots of meals on our deck. Play dates with Grace, Ethan, Greyson, Lila and Piper. Livin’ the dream. Staycation days with my boys. Counting my blessings! 🐝


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