father's day · Friday Favs

friday favs | for the father’s

good morning afternoon, friday!!!

with father’s day just around the corner, i’ve started getting creative about how to show all of our love and appreciation for this man who has blessed our family beyond measure.

IMG_4186zach is extremely sentimental when it comes to presents and anything that has to do with the girls will bring a tear to his eye.

fridays are a day that i love to share what we’re into lately and with father’s day just around the corner, what better way to show some love to the daddy’s out there! i have been so blessed in my life to have so many father figures… my dad, stepfather, grandparents, uncles and in-laws.

i’ve put together a list of fairly easy go-to gifts for dad’s of all ages and price points… don’t forget to play along in the comments section!

father's day.jpg

yetis have quickly become a fairly big deal and for good reason.  hot or cold these insulated cups do more than their money’s worth to keep your beverages fresh! they offer a variety of different options and there is an option for all.

IMG_0680.JPG..personalized {fish} treble hooks..
this was actually zach’s first father’s day present last year when the girls were just 5 weeks old.  zach has talked about taking the girls’ fishing since we very first found out we were pregnant with them, and it continues on the regular. i know we will have little girls running around in tutus + bows learning how to fish and hunt. the shop i used is no longer selling items, but there are some similar here + here.

..wireless speaker..
zach loves to jam and dance with the best of them which makes this a perfect gift. for all the music lovers, a wireless speaker that is run through bluetooth makes working in the barn, heading to the lake, playing on the beach or a good ol’ backyard cookout easy.

..dad shirt..
i have come to absolutely love and adore some of these small shops. River&GraceCo. is home of the ‘Mama + Little’ shirts that you have seen here.  they also have a ‘Daddy’ shirt now to add to the collection! so soft and Stacey is so sweet + often has deals going on Instagram! Colleen + Colleen over at Mama Said Tees are brilliant in their design and the mission behind their company is incredible.  i love showing them some love and this ‘Long Live The Bro Code’ is way too cute not to share! bonus: this tee is their item of the week with 15% off using the code: LONGLIVETHEBROCODE
hop on over and grab one!

with father’s day at the start of summer, what better summer essential than a good pair of sandals?! if zach’s not working on barns you can usually find him in sandals with his shorts.  easy peasy!

the ringtool emergency multi-tool is a lightweight key chain tool set with 11 different built-in uses. it comes with a variety of screwdriver and hex heads and two wrench sizes for bike spokes. it can be used as a drill bit. it opens bottles + it all fits in your pocket. kinda a big deal.

..the great scrape..
preparing food on the barbeque requires fewer pots and pans than oven baking or cooking on a stovetop. but that doesn’t mean that you can wash your hands of clean up duty. now, there’s a safe, simple way to avoid charred debris and buildup on the grates of your grill.

walkwithusdaddy..homemade art..
this one is by far my favorite. this year for zach’s birthday, the girls and i had a hilarious first painting session and made zach this canvas, truly from the heart.  it’s not perfect, but this piece is so special because it really is made with so much love. more to come on this later!

happy soon-to-be father’s day! have a great weekend!

question: what’s the best item you’ve given for father’s day?!




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