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good morning and happy wednesday my most favorite internet friends!

IMG_0676.JPGwe have been so busy lately and on the go..i only know what day it is by what appointments are on the agenda!

IMG_0744.JPGplay dates, audiologists, family, birthdays, becoming a minivan mom, physical therapy evaluations, DIY home improvements, swimming, speech evaluations, meetings.

FullSizeRender.jpgthe list goes on. summer is here and we are in fulll swing. and i can honestly say i am loooving it all!!

if you asked me two years ago (ok let’s be honest, two months ago) what family vehicle we would have it would have been a SUV. fast forward:

2 babies + a double stroller + groceries + luggage + diaper bags + swimming gear + purse + a 6’2 hubby + nephews + friends

are you getting the picture? i need easy and large.

5FNRL5H65GB020809-1c.jpgso i can officially say: i am a minivan mom! and i.l o v !

the girls are busier than ever and are absolutely hilarious these days.

IMG_0475.JPGlila thinks she is hands down the funniest person on earth with her sis next in line. she is busy busy busy learning how to cruise the furniture and even taking a couple steps here and their with the push-behind walker! she is offically saying, ‘mama’ for everything and signing ‘eat’. this tough girly is a tornado through the house and literally there isn’t 5 minutes that goes by without me dying laughing at one of her silly antics.

IMG_0709.JPGpiper has become a little more clingy lately and in total mama mode. she wants to be held all. the. time. and is my constant shadow… can’t say i’m too upset about the cuddles 🙂 chatty cathy is babbling up a storm and her favorites are ‘uh-oh’ + ‘hi’ and holding her hand or object to her ear and promptly saying ‘hi’. how in the world do kids learn this stuff?!?!?

IMG_0513.JPGwe spend almost every second we can outside
splashing + playing in the water table, pool + swing
taking walks in the park
twin play dates at the splash pad
grammie’s pool
eating popsicles
blowing bubbles

IMG_0809.PNG.jpgIMG_0811.PNG.jpgIMG_0812.PNG.jpgIMG_1007.JPGIMG_0238.JPGgive me all the summer time.

that pretty much sums it all up.. zach is super busy playing farmer and building super cool stuff for the house.. much more on that to come.

we have some pretty big stuff here coming soon.. i can’t wait to share it all with you!!

i hope you have had a wonderful start to your week.. take some time to enjoy the sunshine!

question: what’s your favorite summer time activity?!




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