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confession | i’m a twin mama

IMG_1007.JPGafter a conversation i had with my sisters, i was reminded of the beauty of motherhood… and how insanely hard we are on ourselves.

mommin is hard.

we put so much pressure on ourselves, let alone the junk that we get from everyone else.

breast. bottle. formula. pump. time out. spanking. pouches. organic. chemicals.

we are so quick to judge and give our opinions {that are usually not welcome} and think we could do it so much better than what the other is actually doing.

but let’s be honest. it’s hard.

don’t make it any harder by beating yourself up.

i’m not perfect. i’m actually so far from perfect it makes me laugh sometimes.

so. if you need this… rest assured, you’re not the only one screwing something up.

i have fed one baby twice and forgotten to feed the other

i have forgotten to feed both babies

there is absolutely a reason to cry over spilt milk. and i have.

i wouldn’t let zach leave me alone with the girls when we got home from the hospital because i was scared to be by myself

nursing was the hardest thing i have ever done and i loved every bit of it. and cried when the girls started to wean. a lot.

folding laundry is the worst chore in the world and i will happily live out of a hamper of clean clothes

i had so much guilt when working that i wasn’t there for my babies that i quit my job to become a stay at home mom

i have so much guilt now that i’m staying at home that i’m not working + bringing in income or using my degree

cooking is the best + dishes are the woooorst

the worst feeling in the ENTIRE world is when both babies are crying and you have to choose who you pick up first

i have brought one of the girls to bed because i was so tired i almost dropped her standing up

i despise the 5 minutes it takes at night washing my face + brushing my teeth

i can kill a 1/2 gallon of ice cream

i smacked some lady’s hand who tried to touch the girls when we were still in isolation but had to get out of the house for our own sanity (sorry if that was you!)

i give myself 5 minutes almost every night when we put the girls down to sit on the couch with trash tv and drink a glass of wine or eat ice cream.

lila rolled off the bed once because i was gone literally 4 seconds getting a diaper. i was so lucky she didn’t hurt herself

i accidentally went to work wearing dog slippers

pumping was the worst part of nursing for me. i hated that pump.

i often cry at just how blessed we are.

…because surely i’m not the only one…



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