Summer · twins

sanibel island


IMG_1430.JPGwell…we’re on our way back from my happy place… sanibel island… and although i am not looking forward to leaving the sunshine, warmth, pool and beach, i am super looking forward to sleeping in our own bed.

IMG_1431.JPGsanibel is off the coast of florida and has the most beautiful shelly beaches you have ever seen. my family has been coming here since before i was born and it’s almost a yearly vaca with an exception here and there…like babies being born last year!

IMG_1253.JPGthis year was quite different than years past because our greatest adventures were traveling with us and really, it was our first real vacation as a family!

tons of sun, sand, sunscreen + oh my heavens have you seen babies in bathing suits because, well, they’re the cutest thing. ever.

we have eaten way too much food, drank way to much beer, stayed up way too late, and laughed way too hard…as if that’s such a thing.

we tried to stay consistent with our schedules and did a great job having the babes all in for their morning and afternoon naps. mommy win.

IMG_1201.JPGIMG_1307.JPGearly mornings were spent at the pool, toodling around to try to burn off some energy. the girls had their little floats that were p e r f e c t for them to walk around the baby pool with.  it was so cute and fun watching them toodle (yes, my new favorite word, but it explains it perfectly) around the pool on their own, practicing walking!! they are such big girls and were so proud of themselves!

IMG_1408.JPGIMG_1285.JPGwe took turns who stayed in for naps while the rest of us played outside. after morning naps we tried to do a quick early lunch so we could get outside to play. we normally spent this time by the beach and in the ocean. while my two weren’t super thrilled, the boys loved it and i took the opportunity to snag some cute shots 🙂

the afternoon was reserved for some happy hour drinks at coconuts (pool bar) until the babes all got up (hallelujah for all 5 babies sleeping at once!!) and then we wrapped up our outside time splashing around in the pool!

FullSizeRender.jpgwe decided that with 5 kids between the ages of 1-3, it would be best if we stayed in most nights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. we did venture out for one dinner + music and goodness gracious. the babes were amazing.. such a good time!

i have literally been coming since i was in my moms belly and it felt so surreal that now i was bringing our precious little babies to my happy place.

the family. the weather. the babes. the food.

God is so so so good.




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